Although this is a relatively new industry, the founders of RPO have been part of the retirement property sector from the very start. Our staff are passionate and driven by delivering real solutions for people’s individual needs.

We fully understand the complexities, the choices and the jargon, which to a newcomer can be totally daunting.


RPO are not tied to any one operator or developer.

We understand that everyone is different and we are focused entirely on advising people how to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

Quality of Information

RPO are working in partnership with the national charity Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) to help improve awareness of housing options in older age. EAC is dedicated to helping people to make informed decisions about housing and care needs in later life. Its own work and joint activity with others is centred on improving quality of information and extending choice.


Easy to talk about but difficult to find. None of our staff are paid by commission because we believe we may have to advise our clients what not to buy or rent.

How to get the ball rolling...

Our service comprises two meetings, which can be arranged either in your own home, or we could suggest a location handy for you.

First meeting

The aim of the first meeting is to ascertain your needs and aspirations; to understand what you are looking for and explain the general options available.

This meeting cannot be rushed and normally takes anywhere from an hour to three hours, or more if you want. Please feel free to involve your family and friends if you wish.

Second meeting

Here, we will explain to you the options that we feel are most appropriate, and why. We will be able to explain the facilities and services offered and place them in the context of the alternatives. We aim to narrow down your options to three or four that we would recommend you visit and we can also arrange those visits for you.

Cost and Benefits

These consultations cost £450. In the event that we work with you to find a property which you proceed to purchase then we would charge you 1.5% of the purchase price.

If we have an established relationship with the vendor, whereby they pay us commission, then we would refund your fee.


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